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Custom designed multi-stage filtration systems using Purafil odor control media and Airguard particulate filters to achieve odor control eficiency over 99,9% and particulate control efficiency up to 99% on 0,3 micro particle size.


 Oil & residual grease particles : We rely on kitchen hood grease filters as a primary filter to separate grease. The hood grease filters are not in this scope of supply but can be offered separately. We are concerned in the ecology unit with only residual grease by-passing the hood grease filters. Our system will deal with this residual grease by a 1st stage Aluminum washable filter 4" thickness Airguard HS, arrestance of 70-75% Ashrae Std. 52.1). 


  The Microguard-LR achieves almost absolute smoke control due to its efficiency of over 99% filter on 0.3 micron particle size. 

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Gas-Phase & Odor: Basically vapors & gases molecules. Filtration to consist of  one pass of 18" deep disposable modules “PK18” containing a V configuration of 1" thick beds of a non-flammable UL Class-1 chemical dry scrubbing media suitable for operation at full efficiency at temperature reaching 51ºC and up to 95% relative Humidity.




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